Kolumbianisches Gold

Colombian Gold is a classic landrace sativa that has its origins in the Santa Marta Mountains of Colombia. Her buds are fluffy and crystal covered, exuding skunky, sweet notes of lemon and lime.


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Buy Colombian Goldm Strain Online Finland

Buy Colombian Goldm Strain Online Finland. Colombian Gold is a classic Sativa-Landrasse, which originates in the Santa Marta Mountains in Colombia. Her buds are fluffy and crystal covered, exuding skunky, sweet notes of lemon and lime. This native sativa gave birth to the famous Skunk #1, a hybrid that has become a staple of cannabis breeding. The active, uplifting and focused effect of Colombian Gold comes without paranoia and anxiety,

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This makes this strain a good choice for beginners or for those looking to remain productive during treatment. Colombian Gold can help patients relieve muscle tension, pain, and other physical symptoms, but its stimulating and upbeat qualities can also be used for depression and ADD/ADHD. Buy Diazepam 10mg tablets online.

Colombian Gold is a legendary sativa landrace from the mountainous north of Colombia. This strain, which was extremely popular in the US in the late 1960s and 1970s, has now become very rare and some cannabis historians claim that seeds or clones of the original landrace genotype no longer exist. Whether or not Colombian Gold is still edible, she has been used to breed popular staples like Skunk #1. The THC-Content of the variety has been measured at 14% to 20%. BUY WEED ONLINE IN EUROPE

Consumers of commercially bred indicas and hybrids may not be familiar with Colombian Gold buds. The buds are small to medium in size and have a loose leafy structure characteristic of a pure sativa - cannabis connoisseurs will recognize the silhouettes of these ragged buds as similar to Jamaican or Thai sativa landraces. The leaves are pale spring green and are streaked with bright orange pistils. These long, tapering buds are also very resinous: amber trichomes coat the inner and outer surfaces, giving them the golden glow their name refers to. BUY OG KUSH ONLINE

When properly cured, Colombian Gold gives off the pungent smell of Skunk, which explains the pungency of the Skunk #1 kid strain. Upon closer inspection, the citric flavor of lemon and lime is also at play. When burned, Colombian Gold has an earthy, hashy smell. Her smoke can be harsh and lung-expanding on the inhale and has a herbal flavor on the exhale. Finally, this strain can be a particularly pungent smoke; those wishing to keep their consumption discreet should take all necessary precautions. BUY DIAMOND OG ONLINE

Buy Colombian Goldm Strain Online Finland

Users of this storied strain have reported very strong cerebral effects. The high comes on slowly and remains intoxicating for its duration; the effect is said to last much longer than average. Creativity and talkativeness are common as smokers' minds jump from one to the next in rapid free association. A general sense of well-being is also commonly reported as any remaining environmental stressors recede into the background. Colombian Gold's highly analytical mindset can be particularly valuable

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